I’m Laure Robonaught, 3D Artist influenced by Japonism, passionate about video games as medium and art form, pointedly high end indie projects with otherworldly art.

l was born in Le Mans, France, home of a Vanité of Philippe De Champaigne 💀. I love poetry, Victor Hugo, Joachim du Bellay & François Villon. Yesteryear, as a child I wanted to be a paleontologist, as an adolescent a harpist.

Nowadays aspirant Game Designer, l aim, to quote Pierre Corneille, at rendering this "obscure clarity falling from the stars". ★ ★ ★

Currently freelancing, enrolled in NYU Game Design MFA (on indefinite hiatus), previously earned a BFA in Computer-Generated Imagery as well as a Philosophy degree.

Say hi! at laurerobonaught@live.com or on social networks.